After years of being a passionate healthful foodie, Micheline has finally started sharing her message with the world. Her own health journey and that of her family has shown her the power of getting back to basics with food and lifestyle as a way of healing and thriving!

Micheline is the original founder of Broth of Life.  She is co-author of the highly successful ‘Sandwich Free, Package Free Lunchboxes’ recipe book as well as being a mentor, gut vitality coach, workshop facilitator and public speaker.

Co-founder of the ‘Women’s Wellness Forum’.

Her style is refreshingly authentic, real and easy to relate too.  Her passion is deep with Bone Broth and its healing properties.  She aims to help others get back to basics improve their gut health and start on their health journey.

Micheline is a qualified Integrative Nutritional Health Coach, completing studies from both the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Health Academy Australia.

Email: michandrews@outlook.com

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